We need growers to attend an Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) hearing next Wednesday, September 12th,
at the DEQ headquarters in Portland.  The details are attached. NWEA EQC Call to Action

This hearing is in response to a petition made by NW Environmental Advocates (NWEA) that requests the EQC to
implement the provisions of recent Biological Opinions (BIOP’s), prepared for
EPA by NOAA Fisheries and US Fish and Wildlife Service, as rules for the use of
certain pesticides in Oregon.  The attached file contains the “Call To
Action” produced by Oregonians for Food and Shelter on this issue and includes
key talking points, a listing of the chemicals covered by the BIOP’s, and a
description of the recommended buffers and practices.

All of these BIOP’s are being litigated and EPA has not decided what to do with them yet.

This action by NWEA is an end-run around the court proceedings and the EPA’s process; an attempt to get
the State to implement these measures before the science and regulatory reviews
are completed.  This would be a terrible precedent for future rule making
at both the State and national levels.  The buffers promoted in the BIOP’s
are not justified by the monitoring data and would be a huge cost to affected

The natural resources community is mustering its forces to turn out for the hearing to impress upon the EQC the
importance of this issue to Oregon’s farmers, ranchers, foresters, and chemical
users.  We need to do our part to participate and help send this
message.  There is no guarantee that you will get a chance to testify if
there is a large crowd, but your presence matters.  I will be there and
will testify (hopefully) and submit comments on behalf of the League.  EQC
must act on the petition within 90 days; no extensions are
allowed.  If the petition is granted, DEQ moves immediately into a
rule-making process.

Information on this issue will be published in our newsletter, posted on our website, and sent to all growers
via email.  However, I wanted to reach out to you directly because many
growers may contact you with questions.

Please let me know if you will be able to attend and if you have any questions.


Blake Rowe



Cell: 360-703-8448