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Neighbor to Neighbor – a present help in times of need

A combine cuts wheat at the top of a rise Sunday near the Morgan home.

OWGL staff had the privilege Sunday of witnessing the caring nature of farmers as they banded together to harvest the wheat crop of neighbor Virgil Morgan, who found himself in the middle of a family emergency as his wheat ripened. The logistics of this event were mind-boggling. Organizers pulled together two teams of combines, trucks, bankout wagons, even fire/water equipment for safety. Meals were provided for all the workers, who harvested nearly 1600 acres in a single day. Hats off to our Ione, Oregon wheat growers and community! Thanks to Jill Martin for driving me from field to field to get shots of the day.


Hats off to the men and women who made this happen, including the organizers, drivers, food service helpers;  MCGG for supplying field service workers and opening the elevators; and the Bank of Eastern Oregon for helping fund the lunch and dinner for everyone.



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Grower Profile

Alan von Borstel

On March 26, 2017, The Dalles Chronicle published a profile on wheat producers Alan and Judy von Borstel. Alan is this year’s OWGL Secretary/Treasurer, on track to lead the organization as president in 2019.  Two articles, A Changing Landscape and Farming for the Future, gave Alan and Judy the opportunity to tell the story of ag from their farm in southern Sherman County.Â