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U.S. Wheat Associates

  • USW Price Report – U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) compiles weekly price reports by contracting numerous market sources including U.S. wheat exporters of all classes of wheat from all coasts. The prices represent the value of number two grade and the proteins indicated. They are not intended to represent offers nor should importers of U.S. wheat rely upon them as such.
  • Commercial Sales Report – A new Commercial Sales report is published every Thursday documenting sales-to-date for the current marketing year compared to the previous marketing year at the same date. Data is sourced from USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service, Weekly Export Sales Report.
  • Supply and Demand Report – U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) updates a graphic summary of USDA’s U.S. and world supply/demand statistics every month a few days after the USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report is published. Projections will change over the course of the year depending on weather and other developments.  The report includes a quick summary of factors affecting the global wheat market, historical information for all major wheat exporting countries/regions, and a by-class summary of U.S. wheat supply and demand. The data may be used without permission. Attribution to U.S. Wheat Associates and USDA is appreciated.
  • Harvest Report – During harvest, updates on crop quality by class are posted in weekly Harvest Reports.
  • Crop Quality Report – Every year, U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) produces Crop Quality Reports that include grade, flour and baking data for all six U.S. wheat classes. The reports are compiled from sample testing and analysis conducted during and after harvest. The reports provide helpful information to buyers as they specify their needs to get the best value in their purchase contracts. USW shares the data with customers in person or at a series of annual Crop Quality Seminars around the world from September through December.
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Wheat Marketing Center –   ‘The education and research bridge between growers and customers’  

The Wheat Marketing Center provides technical training and grower workshops, innovative research, product development, and crop quality testing services.