Sherman County Crop Hop

Wasco County Crop Hop

Hyslop Farm Field Day

First Wednesday Discussion

Dear Cereal Central Members:
Please join us next week for another First Wednesday Discussion on March 2.
The first Wednesday, March, March 2, 2016, Stephen Machado will discuss experiments on organic production in dryland cropping systems. Stephen has conducted multiple year organic production studies with a variety of potential rotational crops along with cereals.
The “First Wednesday” Lunchtime Discussions:
Staff at the agricultural research station get together on a monthly basis to talk research findings, issues, ideas, and aspirations. We meet the first Wednesday of every month, from 12:05 to maybe 1pm, in the conference room, 48037 Tubbs Ranch Rd, Adams OR. It is informal, everyone is welcome, and you can leave whenever you need to.
Bring your brown bag lunch and join the discussion.
First Wednesday discussion – 3-2-16

Wallowa County Growers Meeting/Lunch

Wallowa County Growers Meeting/Lunch in conjunction with Hay Growers.  Stubborn Mule, Enterprise 11:00am – 2:30pm

Wallowa Co Mtg Flyer 2-24-16 web

Wallowa Co Mtg Flyer

OWF Board Meeting

OWF Board Meeting, OWGL Conference Room, Pendleton