Featured Member Benefit

The OWGL has partnered with Mutual of Omaha to provide a disability insurance offering for it’s Members!

  • For Individuals: Receive a 15% discount as a OWGL Member
  • Business Owners: Receive 15% discount and may also qualify for an additional 10% in benefit level at no additional cost as OWGL Member! (upgrade requires 20% ownership and $32,000 net income for past 2 years)
  • For Small Employers with employees: Receive a 15% discount on employer group –  May qualify for simplified questions on appliciations; Business Owner may qualify for an upgrade in disability class upgrade (average savings 23%)
  • Business Overhead Expense Plans to cover employee wages, utilities, business loans and general costs of running the business month to month.

Call Mark Rogers, Associate OWGL Member, for more information at 541-392-4963 or click here to submit your information online: http://www.mutualofomaha.com/am/owgl/