There is always unfinished business in the world of public policy. Those organizations that disagree with the stewardship practices of wheat producers and give lip service to the value of Oregon’s farms have not accomplished their agenda for our state. If we are to maintain our ability to run productive operations, we must have the resources in place to counter their strategies.

Therefore, we need to grow Oregon WheatPAC so we can support candidates who will work with us to protect and support our industry. Many good candidates fail simply because they can’t afford to get their message out to Oregon’s voters. We need to help get those elected who will support our industry and make a difference to us in the future! Oregon taxpayers receive up to a $100 tax credit*. 

Just send your check today with this form or call the OWGL office to contribute with your credit card. Together we can make a difference, but we need your help to make this happen!

Use this form to contribute before December 31st to claim your tax credit!

*Contact your tax preparer for details.                Oregon WheatPAC Tax ID #20-5086793