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OWGL November "Shop Talks"

Thank you to everyone who joined in the Shop Talks series, we appreciate your support. You can watch our recorded series below as a current OWGL member.

OSU Field Days

OSU - Wheat Research Reports

Additional video reports on 2020 harvest of the trials are located on the OSU Wheat Research page below.

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OSU hosts virtual field days for 2020 in replacement of our Pendleton and Sherman Field days.

View the CBARC website here.

Dr. Christina Hagerty
-YouTube Video Here

Dr. Judit Barroso
-YouTube Video Here

Dave Robertson, USDA, ARS; Winter Wheat Residue Management Study
-YouTube Video Here

Dr. Don Wysocki
-YouTube Video Here
Dr. John Williams
-YouTube Video Here

Dr. Christina Hagerty, Identifying Fusarium Crown Rot
-YouTube Video Here

Dr. Don Wysocki takes you on a field tour of his “Pea-Ola” trials
-YouTube Video Here

Dr. Nicholas Genna; Weed Program, Russian Thistle Emergence
-YouTube Video Here

Dr. Paul Carter and ProGene; peas, protein, and soil acidity
-YouTube Video Here
Mary Corp - Soil Health in Long Term Experiments
-YouTube Video Here

Dr. Judit Barroso - Who wants resistant weeds
-YouTube Video Here

Dr. Ryan Graebner - Variety Trials
-YouTube Video Here

Dr. John Williams - Results of a USDA 2013-2018 research study
-YouTube Video Here

Dr. Stewart Wuest, USDA; "Soil Quality under the Microscope"
-YouTube Video Here

Agricultural Wildfire Webinars

OSU Extension in Sherman/Wasco Counties have several online opportunities regarding fire season.

  • Free online Agricultural Wildfire Course (through Dec. 31, 2020). The course is online HERE
  • Recorded webinar, here.

A certificate is available upon course completion. The course covers how to develop emergency action plans, powerline and fireline safety, defensible space, fire control, and fire behavior. This course provides training that meets that of an annual Ag Wildfire refresher, which is a new Oregon OSHA requirement. Even if you do not have employees this course covers good material for living and working in rural eastern Oregon.

Sherman & Wasco Co. Crop Tours

The virtual canola crop tour and pest management recording is now posted on YouTube, featuring canola being grown by Charlie Remington, David Brewer, and James Amery. Jacob Powell, OSU General Agricultural Extension Agent and Don Wysocki, OSU Extension Soil Scientist discuss planting and fertility methods for winter canola and pest management.

The Alfalfa Weevil webinar is available on the OSU Extension Service North-Central Oregon YouTube Channel at
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