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Tariffs receive a lot of attention but are only one factor impacting access to international markets for Oregon Wheat. Increasingly, non-tariff barriers pose challenges for producers. For this month’s Oregon Wheat Talk, we partnered with Idaho to hear from an expert on the topic: USW Vice President of Policy Dalton Henry. Dalton shared his views and current barriers and projections into the future, including highlights on:

  • Brazil’s merchant marine tax
  • Thailand chemical ban
  • Chile restrictions related to goat grass
  • Vietnam restrictions related to Canadian Thistle… and more

From handling practices to agronomic practices to testing, non-tariff barriers require a whole industry approach.

Missed the session? Listen here!

Oregon Wheat Talk

View the Farm Trucking in OR Commerce and Compliance Flyer here.
View the Guide to Farm Trucking in Oregon here.

Watch the members only recording here. If you need the password please contact us.

CBARC Videos

Watch the first video, Dr. Christina Hagerty, OSU Plant Pathologist discussing Fusarium head blight risk management following corn.

Watch the second video, Dr. Judit Barroso, Weed Scientist, discussing Control of Rattail Fescue in No-Till Farming.

Watch the third video, Andre Rauch and Dr. Christina Hagerty discussing the RDFA.

Watch the fourth video, Dr. Chris Mundt, OSU Cereal Pathologist and Jay Kalous, Wheat Breeder with LimaGrain Cereal Seeds discuss Cephalosporium Stripe.

Watch the fifth video, Dr. Judit Barroso, OSU Weed Scientist providing the first year results to her research to find alternatives to Glyphosate.

Watch the sixth video, Dr. Kimberly Garland Campbell, Ph.D. Research Geneticist-Wheat Breeding Wheat Health, Genetics and Quality Unit, USDA-ARS on Club Wheat.

Watch the seventh video, Dr. Francisco Calderon, CBARC Director and Dr. Stephen Machado, Dryland Cropping System Agronomist discuss the Long Term Experiments.

Watch the eighth video, Dr. Stephen Machado, Dryland Cropping System Agronomist on Schematic Cover Crops and Alternate Crops.

Watch the ninth video, Dr. Kate Reardon, USDA-ARS Microbiologist; Life Underground: Soil Microbes and Nutrient Cycling

Watch the tenth video, Dr. Ryan Graebner, Assistant Professor- Practice, OSU CBARC Extension Cereal Variety Program showing photos and talking about the pros and cons of current wheat varieties for dryland production in Oregon.

OSU & OWGL Shop Talks Series

March 31st , Chris Mundt, 2021 Stripe Rust Outlook and Management

Chris is in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology in the College of Agricultural Sciences based on campus in Corvallis, though he has research sites throughout the state. He studies plant disease epidemiology and host plant resistance. His research program focuses on development of strategies to increase the durability of host plant resistance to diseases, such as Stripe Rust.

View the recording here.

February 24th, Update on Russian thistle Management with Judit Barroso and Clearfield, Coaxiums, and Spring Grains: three options for grassy weed control in cereal production with Ryan Graebner. *1 ODA pesticide credit anticipated.

Watch online recording here.

Oregon OSHA Requirements for Agricultural Wildfires, presented by OSU Extension (Wasco/Sherman) Educator, Jacob Powell

  • Watch online here.
  • View OSHA wildfire requirement brochure and emergency plan templates here.
  • Evaluate Jacob's presentation here.
  • View the presentation slides here.

OWGL November "Shop Talks"

Thank you to everyone who joined in the Shop Talks series, we appreciate your support. You can watch our recorded series below as a current OWGL member.

OSU - Wheat Research Reports

Additional video reports on 2020 harvest of the trials are located on the OSU Wheat Research page here.

Reports for our Klamath Falls spring wheat and barley trials are now posted online.

Agricultural Wildfire Webinars

OSU Extension in Sherman/Wasco Counties have several online opportunities regarding fire season.

  • Free online Agricultural Wildfire Course The course is online HERE
  • Recorded webinar, here.

A certificate is available upon course completion. The course covers how to develop emergency action plans, powerline and fireline safety, defensible space, fire control, and fire behavior. This course provides training that meets that of an annual Ag Wildfire refresher, which is a new Oregon OSHA requirement. Even if you do not have employees this course covers good material for living and working in rural eastern Oregon.

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