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Great news for any member wishing to renew automatically each year!

Here is how!
1 - Give us a call or send an email to request convenient service.

2 - Simply check the box on the dues form saying YES to auto-pay and we will contact you to get it set up!

Grower Annual Dues

This is for GROWERS wishing to RENEW your current OWGL Membership only, new members please visit the NEW Member site.

Dues listed for growers include a pre-set Oregon WheatPAC donation of $25, if you wish to opt-out of this contribution, use the code "PAC" at checkout.

Thank you for your partnership.

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Farm Information

Please complete this information for your Farm information which includes mailing address.

Pay your Dues!

*12 month period
Grower Dues; Affiliate (retired/landlord)
Grower Dues; less than 320 Acres
Grower Dues; 320-2000 Acre
Grower Dues; More than 2000 acres
Additional Voluntary Contributions
WPAC Contribution
Voluntary Contribution
Membership dues pay for advocacy efforts in Salem & Washington D.C.
Do you want to be signed up for your dues to renew automatically annually?

Optional Fee Contribution
Online Processing Fees
Help us get the most out of our budget and pay the processing fees associated with online processing. We appreciate the extra help!
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