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How to Submit Testimony

Tips to Navigate Session, brought to you by Oregonians for Food & Shelter.

Bills the legislature will be considering are posted to the Oregon Legislature website at

  • Once you get to the website, you will see the Bill icon on the top right of the page.
  • Bills can be searched by Bill Number, Bill Text or Bill Sponsor.
  • Text of each Bill can be found on Bill Overview page under the Text tab.
  • Once you find Bill text, this handy guide ( will help you understand the layout and information contained in the Bill text.

The Oregon Legislative Assembly has established a process to accept remote verbal public testimony on bills by video or phone during this time, in addition to written public testimony.

You must register in advance to provide verbal testimony during a committee or subcommittee meeting. Registration closes at the start of the meeting.

You can submit written testimony in the following two ways:

  1. Through the Testimony Portal on the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS)
  2. By regular mail at 900 Court Street NE, Salem, OR 97301

You can submit written testimony up to 24 hours after the scheduled start time of the committee meeting at which a bill is listed on the agenda for a public hearing.

Oregon Legislature’s Website:
Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS):

Questions about the legislature, legislative process, or other government agencies:
Toll-free number: 1-800-332-2313

Oppose HB 2358

NEW HEARING: Monday, March 29, 3:15 PM (OWGL OPPOSES!)
Job Killers for Family Farms and Farm Employees

HB 2358 would mandate that agricultural employers pay overtime wages when employees hit 40 hours of work a week. A majority of Oregon's farms will not be able to afford the payroll costs of this bill. The unfortunate result will be reduced wages for agricultural workers, lost jobs, and fewer farms.

For as long as there have been wage and hour regulations, the law has treated farms differently, as farmers and their employees need to work unique hours to harvest crops, take care of livestock, and keep our supply of agricultural products secure. This bill would be a drastic departure from federal law.

The House ag overtime bill has been scheduled for an additional public hearing on Monday. Those who submitted written testimony do not need to resubmit, however those wishing to testify live do need to register again.

Submit written testimony at HERE.

Oppose HB 2674 -1 Amendment

Update 3.29 - This hearing and work session for this bill were cancelled!

Join us in opposing the HB 2674-Engine Emissions -1 Amendment, which includes an amendment proposing taxes on new tires, nonroad diesel equipment and off-road fuel.

The House Committee on Energy and Environment posted an amendment to HB 2674. This amendment completely rewrites the bill, imposing a suite of new taxes on Oregonians to fund clean diesel engine retrofits and replacements.

Here is a summary:
-Imposes an excise tax on the sale of new tires.
---3% of the retail sales price.
-Privilege tax on the sale of nonroad diesel equipment.
---1.5% of the retail sales or lease price.
-Tax on the use of nonroad diesel equipment purchased out of state but used in Oregon.
---1.5% of the retail sales price.
---This is the liability of the purchaser who will use the equipment in Oregon.
-Tax on the rental of nonroad diesel equipment.
---3.5% of the cost.
-Privilege tax on heavy duty and light duty trucks.
-Fuel tax on dyed diesel.

All moneys will be deposited into the Clean Diesel Engine Fund which will be used to award grants and loans to owners and operators of diesel engines for amounts ranging from 25% - 100% to replace, retrofit, repower, or scrap qualified diesel engines. This includes a local government clean diesel engine tax moratorium that would become operative on January 1, 2023.

The Oregon Wheat Growers League strongly opposes this amendment. It is fundamentally unfair to saddle farm and ranch families with the cost of retrofitting Portland’s fleets or cleaning up Portland’s airshed – this will harm those of us in agriculture.
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