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Oregon Wheat

This is the story of Oregon wheat. Watch it travel from farm to river to terminals at the Port of Portland…and on to the world. 

The Oregon Wheat Commission is a producer funded and governed program. Our mission is to improve the profitability of Oregon wheat growers through Marketing, Research and Grower Education programs.

The OWC is composed of five producer commissioners, one public member and two handlers from the various growing regions of the state. Our responsibility is to allocate assessment funds to specific programs designed to find solutions to immediate and long term issues faced by the wheat producers of Oregon.

The OWC cooperates with U.S. Wheat Associates and Wheat Marketing Center to provide technical assistance to customers and develop markets. The majority of the Commission’s research funding goes to researchers at Oregon State University and USDA-ARS Western Wheat Quality Laboratory, focusing on variety development, genomics, quality, fertility and weed management. The Commission also funds, in part, the efforts of the Oregon Wheat Growers League as the industry’s grassroots representative conducting grower education and advocacy efforts.

The Informal Story

How the Oregon Wheat Commission was Formed

By Marion T. Weatherford *pictured to the right

The author of this informal story of the formation of the Oregon Wheat Commission, Marion T. Weatherford, was extremely active in all phases of the state's wheat industry and agricultural pursuits in general. His various activities included a term as President of the Eastern Oregon Wheat League (now Oregon Wheat Growers League) after serving on key committees and lesser offices in the organization; 10 years on the Oregon Wheat Commission, four years of which he served as chairman; twenty-one years as chairman of the P.N.W. Grain & Grain Products Association representing the Wheat Commission, five years as President of the Oregon Agricultural Research Council, and two years as President of the Agri Business Council of Oregon. His many other activities combine with those mentioned to catalog him as one of the most devoted and dedicated individuals in the state who has worked in the interests of the wheat industry as well as Oregon agriculture in general. Read his informal account of events leading up to, and the actual formation of, the Oregon Wheat Commission.


Mike Thorne representing the Oregon Wheat Industry at the gala in 2019. 
The gala recognizes the significant contributions that Oregon’s trade-sector companies make to the Northwest’s economic vitality and quality of life. International business awards are presented in several categories, and the Oregon Consular Corps selects an additional organization or individual for special distinction.

Oregon’s businesses are leveraging the strengths of the region’s trade-based economy and expanding their markets around the globe. Celebrate Trade shines the spotlight on their accomplishments, with special recognition for several of them, and inspires others to step into the lucrative global marketplace.

• International trade supports more than 505,700 Oregon jobs.
• $28 billion of goods were exported from Oregon in 2019.
• Oregon exports represent 12% of the state’s GDP over the past decade.
• 1 in 5 manufacturing jobs in Oregon are export related.
• Oregon trades with nearly 150 countries around the world.

Oregon Wheat Industry was awarded the 2019 Trade Award
The Oregon Consular Corps (OCC) is an organization of career and honorary consular officials who serve or have served as representatives of foreign nations and jurisdictions in Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest.

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